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Cortejo Cristiano/ Courtship
Clips de Audio en Inglés

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Brother Josh Parsley
Description: This is a series of messages preached by brother Josh Parsley on the subject of courtship.
A five part series touching several important issues concerning the popular  concept of 'dating' before marriage, singleness, being at home and starting a serious relationship towards marriage.

BM Part I- Worldly Dating

BM Part II - The Home

Or you can download them all here and scroll down, you'll find the series under the 2007 audio list.

Brother Denny Kenaston
Description: This is a series of messages preached by brother Denny Kenaston on the subject of Courtship.
Courtship is God's best and how few of us miss of all of God's best in our lives and know nothing of it. We should not settle less then God's best found in Holy Scriptures, this is a generation that does not know of God's commands and holy ways.

Godly Courtship Part II

Godly Courtship Part III

Godly Courtship Part IV

Godly Courtship - Question & Answer

Godly Courtship & Marriage

Or you can download them all here

Pastor Jeff Noblit
Description:  This is a series of messages preached by brother Jeff Noblit on the subject of Courtship and Discipleship.

Biblical Principles are given to true disciples of Christ. To follow God's word just as a moralistic book, trying to improve the sinners self-righteous life won't do. The Word of God is given, believed and followed just by those who have been regenerated. A true convert its a disciple of Christ. And as disciples do, a believer of Christ will follow God's plan even when knowing it will bright themselves pain and suffering. A true disciple wants the well being of their soul and pursue the glory of God instead of complacency and living for the appetites of the flesh as those that are without Christ.

If you Love God, keep His commandments, they are for your good, well being, and His glory. Great things are awaiting to those disciples who follow God's principles in their daily life.


Brother Kevin Williams
Description: Four Sermon series of messages preached by brother Kevin Williams
touching the different topics concerning family life and relationships at the light of the Scriptures. (Children, Youth, Courtship & Marriage.)

If you want to listen online, click Here to go to the series site.

Hno.Michael Mahaoney
Matrimonio (Español)

Michael Mahaoney dicta la conferencia sobre los principios bíblicos matrimoniales en España.

Haz Clic aqui para ir al enlace directo donde puedes escuchar online o descargar las 7 sesiones de la conferencia. 

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