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Recursos audiovisuales que amplían la visión y el propósito de éste espacio.
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*Cortejo Cristiano/ Courtship
*Familia/ Family
*Matrimonio/ Marriage
*Maternidad/ Motherhood
*Feminidad/ Womanhood

*Cortejo Cristiano:

Video: Beauty is Vain (english)
Pastor Tim Conway
Description: Are you engaged to be married? Are you in a relationship? Is your relationship biblical? Are you merely attracted by appearance and personality? Or is the man or woman hungering and thirsting after righteousness and in deeper love with the Lord then they are with you? So many young men and women are lured away and distracted in relationships with sinful motives and sinful pursuits. Listen to this study and examine your own self. You do not want to marry the wrong women or man, there is no turning back.


Video: Leaving a Legacy (english)
Pastor Voddie Vaucham 
Description: This is an interview to pastor Voddie Vaucham and his wife talking about their family life and how they apply the Biblical principles to their daily living. Is actually more than just following a bunch of heavy rules. Discover how they do it, and the wonderful blessings they experiment by following God and trusting their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Giving Your Children a God Fearing Education/ English Pastor Paul Washer Pastor Paul Washer


Video: El Matrimonio, El Ministerio Principal (español) Pastor Paul Washer

Descripción: Conferencia dictada a mediados del 2010 en España.


Video: Holly Eliff..Eight Kids Later (english)

Description: If you'd asked 20-year-old Holly Elliff what she was going to do with her life, her answer would've been quite different than the way her life actually turned out. Years later, Holly looks back at one extended painful season in particular where she found that God doesn't go away . . . even during the hard times! Catch a glimpse of Holly's life; you'll be inspired to believe right things about God, and to leave a legacy for others.

"Titus 2 is about way more than tea parties. We are exemplifying to a watching world who God is." -Holly Elliff


Video: Mujer Virtuosa (Español e Ingles) "Virtuous Woman" Pastor Paul Washer.

Video: True Womanhood (english)

Pastor Voddie Vaucham Description: Want to know what a true woman looks like?

 Video: Biblical Womanhood, A Canvas of Colors (english)

Barbara Rainey

Description: You may know Barbara Rainey as an author, co-founder of FamilyLife, and a True Woman '08 speaker. But did you know she's also a painter? we asked Barbara how she would portray biblical womanhood in a painting. This video is her answer!So, how about it? Is God your center? Are you embracing the unique ways He made you, or are you trying to look just like that other woman? Remember, the expressions of biblical womanhood are limitless! -ReviveOurHearts



Audio-Video Una Verdadera Mujer Escoge la Sabiduría (Español e Ingles) Mary Kassian


Una Verdadera Mujer Escoge la Sabiduría from kaviza on Vimeo.

"Mirad, pues, con diligencia cómo andéis, no como necios sino como sabios." Efesios 5:15

Para descargar el Manifiesto de la Mujer Verdadera haz clic en este enlace:

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