viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

“In An Uncertain World”

In an uncertain world
You’re the rock that we cling to
Our harbor in the storm
Though the wild winds may blow
Waves crash around us
One thing we know?
In this world we are certain of You

In our fast-changing lives
You’re the one sure foundation
Our only steadfast hope
Though we can’t see ahead
Where we are going
We trust what You’ve said
In our lives You’re the unchanging Lord

Father, in Your holy hand we stand secure
You’re our loving and faithful Lord
And our hope in You is sure

In a time filled with doubt
We hold firm to the promise
Your true and perfect word
Though the people may mock
Say we are foolish
In the cleft of the rock
We can rest in the knowledge of You
You are certain, unchanging and true

Lyrics to “In An Uncertain World” from “Wait on the Lord
Copyright 2007 by
Christine K. Marteson, All Rights Reserved

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